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  • A little about myself… (9/16/2014) - I grew up in Short Hills, New Jersey, and I am happy to be back home.  My father, Rocco Tutela MD, was a plastic surgeon in the community for 30 years and I am glad to be able to carry on his legacy.  I wanted to be a plastic surgeon before I even knew what ...Read More
  • “Chance favors only the mind that is prepared” (10/6/2014) - “Chance favors only the mind that is prepared.”(Louis Pasteur, 1854).  My father taught me the importance of this statement while we were discussing the options for a specific surgery.  This exercise trained me to envision the possible outcomes of each decision I could make as a physician.  Louis Pasteur’s quotation resonates in my mind because ...Read More
  • Breast Cancer Awareness: The Essentials (10/27/2014) - October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. As it comes to an end, I thought it would be an important time to share how important awareness is, and how much just spreading information through education can go. In a recent JAMA Surgery article from August 2014, the authors discovered that less than half of the women ...Read More
  • Dedication to Personal Care (3/17/2015) - Road to Wellness A lot of plastic surgery is helping people feel good about themselves. Looking your best is not only about addressing issues from the outside in. A healthy body and lifestyle, a clear mind and good positive energy is vital to looking and feeling your best. Think about it, when you are sad ...Read More