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Dr. Tutela performs the most modern techniques in Plastic Surgery to restore and rejuvenate your features for a look that is fresh and youthful while preserving your character/essence

“The key to great plastic surgery is to make subtle changes so you still look yourself, just a younger, fresher you.”

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Recognized Work

Vapocoolant Spray as an Adjunct to Reduce Pain in Cosmetic Facial Injections: A Prospective Study Using a Split Face Model. Kelishadi SS, Tutela JP, Rao AJ, Medina DC, Brooks RM, Chowdhry S, Wilhelmi BJ.
Plastic Surgery Research Council Santa Monica May 2013.

Vapo-coolant spray: a way to take the pain out of cosmetic facial injections. Kelishadi SS, Tutela JP, Rao AJ, Chowdhry SA, Brooks RM, Wilhelmi BJ.
Kentucky Society of Plastic Surgeons, Louisville, September 2012