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My Mission

Much of Plastic Surgery is a means to help people feel good about themselves. Reconstructive surgery attempts to restore function where it was lost. Even what are considered cosmetic procedures actually restore form to your body. Many people’s bodies have been damaged over time, whether it has been pregnancy, weight gain, lifestyles choices, or the natural aging process. Many of these people have made a change in their life to lose weight or start taking care of their body and skin, but feel that their transformation is incomplete when they look at themselves in the mirror. Plastic Surgery enables people an opportunity to restore shape to their body that they recognize and that makes them feel good. In many instances it acts as a reinforcement and continual motivation to perpetuate a healthy lifestyle and to give priority to their body. However an unhealthy person can never truly look their best. A clear mind, and a healthy body are vital to this process. There are limitations to surgery and procedures, so in order to help promote and maintain a healthful life I have developed a Road to Wellness as a means to focus and provide guidance in variety of different aspects of life: nutrition, exercise, mental health/well being. I have assembled a team of practitioners, each an expert in their field, that are available to my cosmetic and reconstructive patients, and that I know will provide a wonderful resource to those who are trying to stay healthy, to feel good and to look great. Please see Road to Wellness