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Road to Wellness

A lot of plastic surgery is helping people feel good about themselves. Looking your best is not only about addressing issues from the outside in. A healthy body and lifestyle, a clear mind and good positive energy is vital to looking and feeling your best. Think about it, when you are sad or depressed or just not feeling well, when you look in the mirror your face appears more sunken in, the corners of your mouth turn down and even your skin seems dull and matted. However on days that you feel great, the expression on your face becomes more inviting, you can see a twinkle in your eyes and your overall demeanor becomes warm and approachable. I want my patients to be able to have access to experts that can help bring an overall aspect of wellness into their lives. I have developed a Road To Wellness as a means to help feel good in variety of different aspects of life including nutrition, exercise, mental health and well being. A team of practitioners each experts in their field have made themselves available to my patients, and I know they will provide a wonderful resource to those who are trying to stay healthy, to feel good and to look great.

Lisa Gagliano

Personal Trainer


My Training Philosophy…
I have been providing in-home personal training in New Jersey for 16 years. I take a systemic and holistic approach to human performance, as I strive to give people the tools they need to perform better, prevent injury, increase self-esteem and increase their functional level of activity in everyday life. My goal is to transfer my energy and positive lifestyle to others. Specifically, I look for the most effective, efficient and exciting program for each client. Depending on the client’s goals, needs and health issues, I will implement any of the following training protocols: Strength and Core Stabilization Training; Cardio and Circuit Training; Post-Rehabilitation Therapy; Pre/Post Natal Fitness; as well as weight management and nutritional guidance. I am committed to making sure each and every one of my clients attains his or her goals in a manner is that is both realistic and sustainable. Training needs to become a way of life and I am there to provide the guidance my clients need on their journey to a healthy lifestyle.

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Karla Gabre, RD



Karla Gabre is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with more than a decade of experience in the field of nutrition. Her diverse experience in the field covers a range of areas to include clinical nutrition support and metabolics, weight management, management of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, womenʼs health, gastrointestinal disorders and disease prevention.

She is passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle that includes nourishing the body with adequate nutrients and wholesome nutrition. Karla focuses on individualized plans and counseling to meet specific needs, believes in teaching clients the importance of mindful eating and helps clients reach this state through guided exercises. Karla feels a balanced approach to nutrition is the key to long-term success whether it’s managing and living with a chronic condition or getting on a healthier path to achieving wellness.

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Jennifer Tuma Young

Wellness Coach

I believe in the beauty of every person. I know we all have a gift, a talent, and sharing it with the world plugs us in to life. Our gift can present itself in a number of ways large and small, play out in many different forms throughout our lifetime, and sometimes we can feel more plugged into purpose by experiencing a simple human connection rather than by anything grandiose.

We can each define our own meaning and method for balance, we can set our own terms for success, and that real joy is not something that is dependent on circumstance or stuff.

I believe our worth should not be attached to any string: not the size of our jeans, the number on the scale, the amount of money in our bank accounts – we are worthy no strings attached.
We are constantly learning and teaching; we are both teachers and students of life. Sometimes we teach what we most need to learn, and sometimes we have to make the same mistake over and over again to get the lesson. Mistakes, failures, tests & trials are essential opportunities for growth, appreciation, and connecting to the human spirit. Basically, sometimes life is messy, but there is beauty in it all. The cracked pot shines the most light.

Nothing is impossible.

I can help you find a path to find your inner strength, and beauty and to share it with the world.

Dubbed one of “America’s Ultimate Experts” by Woman’s World Magazine, and one of the “World’s Creative Spiritual Revolutionary Leaders” by Soul Art TV, Jennifer Tuma-Young is a sought-after speaker and media guest on nationally syndicated TV shows such as Rachael Ray, The 700 Club, and Better, and on news affiliates of ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. Her tips can be found on the web on Forbes, Anderson Live!, Maria Shriver, and The Huffington Post. She has made herself available to Dr. Tutela’s patients and we are happy to have her as part of the team.

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