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Breast Lift – Mastopexy

Many women find that their breasts have begun to sag, losing their elasticity and firmness for a number of reasons. This may be due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, or simply as part of the natural aging process. A breast lift in the Northern New Jersey area provides a way to lift both the breast and nipple to create a more youthful-looking breast.


There are many types of breast lifts that are performed depending on your current anatomy and goals from plastic surgery. Generally speaking, a breast lift tightens skin and removes a small amount of tissue to restore a higher, firmer breast that appears more youthful both in and out of clothing.

Sometimes a small crescent of skin is removed above the nipple to reposition it in a higher, more youthful location. In addressing more severe forms of ptosis (sagging), Dr. Tutela will remove the excess skin and tissue from below your nipple to form a platform for your new breast to sit on.

A breast lift can be done in conjunction with a breast augmentation to increase the volume in the upper portion of your chest as that may be needed to achieve your desired result.


If you are unhappy with how your breasts look because they seem deflated, sagging, or because your nipples point downward, you may be a good candidate for breast lift surgery. Common complaints that indicate you can benefit from breast surgery include:

  • Downward-pointing nipples
  • Sagging breasts
  • Unhappy with breast shape
  • Asymmetrical breasts

There are some instances that a very mild amount of ptosis may be overcome with breast implants rather than a breast lift procedure. And in some cases, patients can be good candidates for breast augmentation in addition to a breast lift procedure, giving both a larger, natural-looking size while also lifting the breast tissue. A consultation with Dr. Tutela will determine exactly what you need to achieve the result you are looking for.

If you have very large breasts and are looking for relief from symptoms like back pain and grooves from bra straps, a breast reduction surgery is likely a better option for you. A breast lift is more of a cosmetic surgery that doesn’t aim on removing large amounts of tissue for relief from often legitimate medical problems.


Breast lifts are highly personalized procedures, as no two people will have the same starting anatomy and desired goals.

During cosmetic breast surgery, Dr. Tutela makes one of three incisions. The most minimal breast lift procedures utilize a periareolar incision, made where the areola meets the rest of the breast skin, to minimize the appearance of any breast lift scars. Then there is the “lollipop” breast lift, in which a vertical incision is added to this periareolar technique. For the most substantial needs, a breast lift technique called the “anchor lift” is used, in which a horizontal incision in the breast crease is added to the other two.

Using one of these incision patterns, Dr. Tutela sculpts tissue, tightens the skin, and repositions the nipple. This procedure is done under general anesthesia and most patients only need a few days of downtime before returning to work and light activities.


Generally speaking, after the procedure is over, you can expect fuller, higher, and firmer breasts that appear more youthful. How this is achieved specifically will vary. Most women are able to return to activities with restrictions between 2-3 days. You can likely resume normal activities and exercise after 6 weeks, however this will be determined by Dr. Tutela as he monitors your recovery process.


If you think you may benefit from a personalized breast lift procedure, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Paul Tutela can answer your questions and schedule your breast lift surgery after meeting with him in a consultation. During your consultation, you can ask any questions you may have regarding breast lift cost or breast lift recovery to gain a good perspective on how this procedure can enhance your figure and give you a boost in self-confidence. Start a conversation with us by calling our New Jersey office or contacting us online today.